Apple II series

Similar techniques were used for cassette storage: the cassette output worked the same as the speaker, and the input was a simple zero-crossing detector that served as a crude (1-bit) audio digitizer. mehr

Apple II

Similar techniques are used for cassette storage: the cassette output works the same as the speaker, and the input is a simple zero-crossing detector that serves as a relatively crude (1-bit) audio digitizer. mehr

Geographic information system

A digitizer produces vector data as an operator traces points, lines, and polygon boundaries from a map. mehr


This had the disadvantage of being somewhat slow to move, as well as requiring floor space equal to the size of the paper, but could double as a digitizer. mehr

Todd Rundgren

His experience with computer graphics dates back to 1981, when he developed one of the first computer paint programs, dubbed the Utopia Graphics System; it ran on an Apple II with Apple's digitizer tablet. mehr

Picture archiving and communication system

Failures ranked from most-to-least common are: Workstation; HIS/RIS/ACS broker interfaces; RIS; Computer Monitors; Web-based image distribution system; Modality interfaces; Archive devices; Maintenance; Training; Network; DICOM; Teleradiology; Security; Film digitizer. mehr

Graphics tablet

A "graphics tablet" or "digitizer" is a computer input device that enables a user to hand-draw images, animations and graphics, similar to the way a person draws images with a pencil and paper. mehr

Graphics tablet

Digitizers were popularized in the mid 1970s and early 1980s by the commercial success of the ID (Intelligent Digitizer) and BitPad manufactured by the Summagraphics Corp. These digitizers were used as the input device for many high-end CAD (Computer Aided Design) systems as well as bundled with PCs and PC-based CAD software like AutoCAD. mehr

Graphics tablet

These tablets used a magnetostriction technology which used wires made of a special alloy stretched over a solid substrate to accurately locate the tip of a stylus or the center of a digitizer cursor on the surface of the tablet. mehr


DigiView was the first full-color video digitizer, and added slow-scan digitizing capabilities to the Amiga platform, allowing images to be imported at low cost, before modern image scanning technology was widely available. mehr

Handwriting recognition

On-line handwriting recognition involves the automatic conversion of text as it is written on a special digitizer or PDA, where a sensor picks up the pen-tip movements as well as pen-up/pen-down switching. mehr

Handwriting recognition

A Tablet PC is a special notebook computer that is outfitted with a digitizer tablet and a stylus, and allows a user to handwrite text on the unit's screen. mehr


The W7xx series were also available with a Wacom digitizer built into the palm rest. mehr

Machine embroidery

The digitizer marked common points in the design to create elaborate fill and satin stitch combinations. mehr

Machine embroidery

For these formats, the digitizer keeps the original file for the purposes of editing. mehr

Machine embroidery

A person who creates a design is known as an "embroidery digitizer" or "puncher". A digitizer uses software to create an object-based embroidery design, which can be easily reshaped and edited. mehr

Digital painting

Digitizers were popularized in the mid 1970s and early 1980s by the commercial success of the ID (Intelligent Digitizer) and BitPad manufactured by the Summagraphics Corp. These digitizers were used as the input device for many high-end CAD (Computer Aided Design) systems as well as bundled with PC's and PC based CAD software like AutoCAD. mehr


Like its predecessor, the model 02 Ultra-Mobile PC is a handheld device that runs Windows (choice of XP Professional or Vista Business.) The new product sported a new black casing and a backlit keyboard, a much brighter 5 inch LCD screen, 800x480 pixel display with an active digitizer for pen-based input. mehr

Compaq TC1000

The TC1000 was replaced by the HP Compaq TC1100 which features a faster Pentium M processor and an integrated digitizer from Wacom, among other small upgrades. mehr


The CADDS-1 system featured a combination digitizer and plotter mounted on a large drafting table. mehr


In 1965 Calma introduced the Calma Digitizer, a device consisting of a table-like surface with constrained cursor, whereby an operator could enter coordinate data from a paper drawing and have it turned into computer readable form. mehr


In about 1969, the company undertook to develop a minicomputer-based graphics system built around a digitizer. mehr

Wacom (company)

Discontinued products from Wacom included the ArtZ, ArtZ II, ArtPad, ArtPad II, Digitizer, Digitizer II, Favo, UltraPad, Graphire through Graphire4, Intuos through Intuos4, 15-, 17- and 18-inch Cintiqs, Volito, and PenPartner. mehr

Pen tilt

This phenomenon became apparent via electronic pens tethered to the digitizer, whose cords became immensely curled. mehr

Secure voice

A digital secure voice usually includes two components, a digitizer to convert between speech and digital signals and an encryption system to provide confidentiality. mehr


GTCO Corporation patented the first electromagnetic digitizer. In 1995 GTCO acquired the assets of Science Accessories Corporation, who manufactured a line of Sonic (Sound) type Digitizer. The most interesting model was the GP-12 or Freepoint which was a 3D Digitizer. mehr


Starting in December of 2008, GTCO Calcomp moved its digitizer manufacturing from Columbia to Arizona, and the manufacturing of Whiteboards to China. mehr


The input commands were entered using a digitizer tablet. mehr

Abell catalogue

Abell and Corwin worked from original plates stored at the Royal Observatory in Edinburgh, scanning the plates visually with a 3x wide-angle magnifier; Olowin used high-quality film copies, which he scanned both visually with a 7x magnifying lens and automatically with a backlit digitizer. mehr

Pattern (sewing)

Examples of scanner, camera and digitizing table digitizing systems include the NScan (scanner), PDS Digitizer (table), NShot (camera), iConic (camera) etc. mehr

Air traffic control radar beacon system

Returns from both radars at the ground station are transmitted to the ATC facility using a microwave link, a coaxial link, or (with newer radars) a digitizer and a modem. mehr

Dell Latitude

N-trig’s DuoSense dual-mode digitizer uses both pen and zero-pressure capacitive touch to provide a true Hands-onTM computing experience for mobile computers and other digital input products over a single device. mehr

Video scaler

Video scalers are primarily a digital device; however, they can be combined with an analog-to-digital converter (ADC, or digitizer) and a digital-to-analog converter (DAC) to support analog inputs and outputs. mehr

Aiptek Inc.

Aiptek produces mainly pico projectors, camcorders, graphic tablets and digitizer, as well as photo frames, and 3D products. mehr

Tablet computer

To get Mac OS X to talk to the digitizer on the integrated tablet, the Modbook is supplied with a third-party driver called TabletMagic; Wacom does not provide driver support for this device. mehr

Tablet computer

The ProGear by FrontPath was an early implementation of a Linux tablet that used a Transmeta chip and a resistive digitizer. mehr

Smart Board

Smart's digital ink operates by using an active digitizer that controls the PC input for writing capabilities such as drawing or handwriting. mehr


Also included in the SuperPaint configuration was an 8-bit video digitizer, and direct conversion to standard NTSC video. mehr

Scala (company)

The name inspired a live actor animation made by Bøhmer and Rybakken using an Amiga, a video camera and a frame-by-frame video digitizer. mehr


SoundEdit was one of three audio applications created during a sabbatical by Steve Capps during 1986. The Macintosh had no built-in sound input, so the MacRecorder audio digitizer was invented for this purpose in 1985 by Michael Lamoureux, a mathematics student at the University of California, Berkeley. mehr

HP Compaq TC1100

All the necessary hardware components are stored within the casing of the display and digitizer. mehr

Axiotron Modbook

The tablet computer functionality is provided by an active digitizer, using Wacom's Penabled technology. mehr


Once available to use in the building module, the components would be located using a large digitizer. mehr


Along the bottom of the digitizer was a template with commands which could be selected as required, so the keyboard was often not required. Assembly was aided for many users by the familiar look of the large digitizer, which looked much like the drawing boards common at the time. To aid the process of aclimatistion, the digitizer was used with an electronic pen, which made placing components both quick and accurate. mehr

Hemispherical photography

For film cameras this step requires a negative or slide scanner or a video digitizer. mehr


All mobile computers produced by TabletKiosk fall into the slate category, featuring touchscreen or pen (active digitizer) input, in lieu of integrated or convertible keyboards. mehr


Support was added for more video cards (EGA, Olivetti, etc.), input devices (Summagraphics digitizer, and later, the first Microsoft Mouse). mehr

Time-of-flight mass spectrometry

The velocity of the particle can be determined in a time-of-flight tube since the length of the path ("d") of the flight of the ion is known and the time of the flight of the ion ("t") can be measured using a transient digitizer or time to digital converter. mehr


While the focus of I-CubeX technology was initially on translating sensor signals to MIDI (Digitizer, microDig) for music enthusiasts, the transmission protocols now include Bluetooth (Wi-microDig) and USB (USB-microDig) so as to facilitate its use by all kinds of researchers and engineers, as well as MIDI. mehr

Amiga support and maintenance software

Video digitizing includes DigiView, FrameMachine Zorro II (Amiga 16bit card standard bus connector) expansion card for A2000, 3000, 4000, Impact Vision IV24 from GVP, VidiAmiga real time digitizer and the Paloma module which could be purchased with the Picasso IV Amiga compatible graphic card. mehr
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