M51 Skysweeper

It was the first such gun to combine a gun laying radar, M10 analog computer (director), and an autoloader on a single carriage. mehr


The autoloader system also includes an automated casing removal mechanism that ejects the propellant case through an opening port in the back of the turret during the following reload cycle. mehr


The autoloader disconnects gun from the vertical stabilizer and cranks it up three degrees above the horizontal in order to depress the breech end of the gun and line it up with the loading tray and rammer. mehr


In addition to the 22 auto-loaded rounds, the T-72 carries 17 rounds conventionally in the hull, which can be loaded into the emptied autoloader trays or directly into the gun—slowly and awkwardly, due to the absence of a human loader. mehr


The solution was to replace the human loader with a mechanical autoloader, cutting the crew to three and marking the first use of autoloaders in a Soviet MBT. The 6ETs10 autoloader has 28 rounds and can fire 8 shots per minute; the stabiliser, a 2E23, was coupled to the new TPD-2-1 (1G15-1) sight. mehr


It introduced a new autoloader, which is still used on all T-64s currently in service, as well as all variants of the T-80 except the Ukrainian T-84-120. The T-64 prototypes had the same 115 mm smoothbore gun as the T-62, the ones put in full-scale production had the 125 mm gun. mehr


The autoloader takes between 7.1 and 19.5 seconds to load the main weapon (28 rounds), depending on the initial position of autoloader carousel. mehr


Autocannon feed ammunition automatically from a belt or magazine as part of the firing cycle for a faster rate of fire, similar to a machine gun, and unlike manually loaded artillery, or tank and naval guns which use an autoloader. mehr

M26 Pershing

The "T22" series reverted to the M4 transmission because of problems with the early Torqmatic transmission used in the T20. The T22E1 tested an autoloader for the main gun, and eliminated the loader's position with a small two-man turret. mehr

Stridsvagn 103

The gun, a Bofors 105mm L/62, was able to use the same ammunition as the British 105 mm L7, and would be equipped with an autoloader allowing a rate of fire of 15 rounds/minute, also allowing the crew to be reduced to two; a gunner/driver and the commander (most designs of the era used a crew of four). mehr

AMX Leclerc

The turret of the Leclerc was designed around the auto-loading system in order to avoid the problems common to other tanks with an autoloader. The "Leclerc" autoloader allows a rate of fire of 12 shots per minute and holds 22 rounds of ready ammunition; it can accommodate up to six different types of ammunition at once, although like most autoloader systems it cannot change ammunition types once a round has been loaded. mehr

M60 Patton

These experiments were concerned with improving the armor and the introduction of a variety of autoloader systems and upgraded rangefinders. mehr

Crusader tank

The 6-pounder was replaced with a Bofors 40 mm anti-aircraft gun with an autoloader and powered mounting in an open-topped turret. mehr

.357 SIG

Flat point bullets are seldom used with other autoloader platforms because of feeding problems; however, such bullets are commonly seen in the .357 SIG chambering and are quite reliable, as are hollow-point bullets. mehr


T-84U with a new welded turret with separate crew and ammunition compartments with blowout panels on the ammunition compartment, a new bustle-mounted autoloader. mehr

REV (disk)

The REV was available as an external desktop model with FireWire, SCSI or USB 2.0 interfaces, an internal model with SCSI, ATAPI, or SATA interfaces, or an external server model which features a cartridge autoloader and SCSI interface. mehr

Type 90 Kyū-maru

The gun is armed and loaded through a mechanical bustle autoloader (conveyor-belt type), developed by Mitsubishi of Japan. The Type 90 tank is unusual in that it like the autoloader Soviet main battle tanks, the Leclerc and Strv 103 achieve manpower savings by reducing the crew to three through the development of the bustle autoloader. mehr


The Ariete Mk.2 (or C-2) was revealed in Eurosatory 2002 and is scheduled for production in the 2015-2020 timeframe with an autoloader, new hydropneumatic suspension, modernized FCS, 1 500 hp engine and more advanced fire control system and additional armour. mehr

Tank gun

Tank guns generally use self-contained ammunition, allowing rapid loading (or use of an autoloader). mehr

Tank gun

The use of the autoloader has been a development favoured by some nations and not others. mehr

Republic of Korea Army

The future replacement for the K1 and K1A1 MBTs has been named the K2 Black Panther (흑표;黑豹 Heukpyo), which will be fitted with a 1500 hp MTU-based engine, 55-caliber 120 mm main gun with autoloader. mehr

Type 74

The design included a rotating cupola for the commander, and a new autoloader for the main gun. mehr

Type 74

The first prototype, designated STB-1, was delivered in late 1968 and underwent a number of modifications until 1969. The autoloader proved too complex and expensive, and was removed, additionally the remote controlled anti-aircraft machine gun was removed. mehr


Like most Soviet derived vehicles, the M-84 series of tanks do not have a manual loader, due to the tank's autoloader system. mehr

Black Eagle (tank)

According to Russian reports, the Black Eagle design had abandoned the carousel-style autoloader in the fighting compartment for an autoloader mounted in the large western-style turret bustle, which incorporates a blow-out armoured ammunition compartment for crew safety, like the U.S. mehr


In armoured warfare, an "autoloader" or "auto-loader" is a mechanical aid or replacement for the personnel that load ordnance into crew-served weapons, such as tanks and artillery. mehr


An autoloader, as its name suggests, extracts a shell and propellant charge from the ammunition storage rack/compartment and loads it into a magazine, if the gun has one, or directly into the chamber of the gun if it does not. In addition, by removing the need for one (or more) crew member, the overall size of the vehicle can be reduced, which in turn reduces the amount of surface area that needs to be armored, and thus a vehicle designed to use an autoloader can benefit from a significant decrease in weight and size. Also, since an autoloader can take up less volume inside a tank than a human, it potentially allows for a lower profile, making the tank harder to hit. Autoloaders are mechanical devices, and therefore their reliability depends on how well they are both designed and manufactured. mehr


Autoloaders were developed at the beginning of World War II. Their first combat use was in tank-buster aircraft such as the 75 mm calibre "Bordkanone" BK 7,5 cannon-equipped Henschel Hs 129 B-3. Every Soviet- and Russian-derived tank since the T-64 main battle tank has used an autoloader. Their use has been mostly shunned by American and British tanks, although the American T22 medium tank was one of the first to use an autoloader. mehr


On the other hand, the very newest autoloaders claim to match this rate of fire. The autoloader may also have an advantage over rough terrain that may jar a human loader enough to disrupt his loading cycle. mehr


For weapons above 127 mm, the increased weight of the round pushes this issue decisively in favor of the autoloader. For self-propelled artillery with calibres of around 150mm, for example, autoloaders can typically achieve 8–12 rounds per minute, while a human loader(s) can typically achieve 4 rounds per minute. On the other hand, even during sustained bombardment an autoloader could be useful, as the fatigue issues of loading an artillery piece for hours do not affect them. mehr


However, some newer autoloader designs also store the ammunition in an isolated compartment in the turret bustle, with blow off panels on top and the ramming mechanism underneath or in the middle. With such a design, the loader crew member can be eliminated, but only half the ammunition can be carried ready, in the compartment with the autoloader. This storage can be surrounded by water, and compartmentalized to some extent, but the reduced crew must still transfer this ammunition to the autoloader at some point. However, such a design can also allow for the rapid replacement of the autoloader and reloading of the ready ammunition by making the compartment at the rear of the turret a modular component that can be easily replaced with appropriate support equipment, similar to how the US MLRS system is reloaded, but possibly even faster. mehr


This makes the crew inherently safe from any potentially dangerous mechanics of the gun and autoloader plus the crew is protected from the gases generated during firing. mehr


The autoloader searches through a path of directories in the computer's file system, to find a file containing source or object code that defines the subroutine. The autoloader then loads and links the file, and hands control back to the main program so that the subroutine gets executed as if it had already been defined and linked before the call. mehr


The Unix shell may be said to consist almost entirely of an autoloader (program), as its main job is to search a path of directories to load and execute command files. mehr

9K112 Kobra

The two separate sections are stored in the autoloader of the tank in the same way as conventional 125 mm rounds. mehr

Tanks in the Cold War

Despite all these advances, the Abrams still retained the 4-man crew of the M60 Patton as the autoloader was considered unproven and risky. mehr

Ultra Density Optical

External drives are also available as part a robotic autoloader. mehr

Browning Auto-5

It was the first successful semi-automatic shotgun design, and remained in production until 1998. The name of the shotgun designates that it is an autoloader with a capacity of five rounds, four in the magazine and one in the chamber. mehr

152mm SpGH DANA

DANA's unique feature is that its autoloader is able to load a shell and a cartridge in any elevation of the barrel. mehr

SK-105 Kürassier

All versions of the SK-105 have a 105 mm gun designated the 105 G1. This gun is completed with a semi-automatic revolving magazine type autoloader. mehr

9 track tape

The 3400 Series Magnetic Tape Units were introduced with the IBM System/370. The primary advantages of the 3400 system were the higher data density (6250 BPI) and support of the "autoloader" cartridge, first seen in the IBM 2420 model 7. Prior to the autoloader cartridge, tapes were sealed in a plastic "tape seal belt" that surrounded the reel and provided contamination protection and rack-hanging capability. The 3420's autoloader cartridge enabled the tape operator to mount the reel directly on the hub without having to remove the seal belt. mehr


Some terms that have been, or still are, used as synonyms for "semi-automatic pistol" are "automatic pistol", "autopistol", "autoloader", "self-loading pistol" and "selfloader". mehr

Krasnopol (Weapon)

However, its length made it incompatible with the autoloader of the 2S19 152mm Self-Propelled Gun. mehr

Krasnopol (Weapon)

The "Krasnopol-Modernezatsya" (or "Krasnopol-M") was made with a shorter length to enable it to be used with autoloader-equipped guns. mehr


Currently Polish Land Forces are considering a new multipurpose platform UPG-NG ("Universalne Podwozie Gąsienicowe-Nowej Generacji" which stands for "Universal Tracked Chassis-of New Generation") as the replacement for the aging BMP-1 fleet as well as the basis for new light/medium tank with 120 mm unmanned turret and autoloader. mehr

.284 Winchester

Introduced by Winchester in 1963, the .284 Winchester was designed to squeeze .270 Winchester and .280 Remington performance from the new Winchester Model 100 autoloader and Winchester Model 88 lever action rifles. mehr

2A28 Grom

Cyclic rate of fire is between 8 and 10 rounds per minute, with the gun returning to an elevation of +3° 30' to reload after each shot if the autoloader is used. mehr

2A28 Grom

The gun is reloaded by the M3 electromechanical autoloader with ammunition conveyor, but can be reloaded by hand if necessary. The autoloader is not reliable; it can break down from vibration when the vehicle is moving at high speed over rough ground, and its operation is a danger to the gunner's fingers. Using the autoloader, the gun has a rate of fire of 6–8 rounds per minute, while a skilled gunner could easily achieve 10 rounds per minute. These drawbacks caused the autoloader to be removed in Ob'yekt 765Sp3, Finnish BMP-1 and Swedish Pbv 501. Some units removed the autoloader altogether when new vehicles were delivered, but the mechanized ammunition conveyor magazine was kept. mehr

2A28 Grom

The OG-15V is loaded by hand as it is too short to be handled by the autoloader. mehr

Expeditionary tank

The autoloader was problematic and required a redesign. mehr
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